Fuzziwig's Franchising information

You can't help but notice the expressions on people's faces as they walk through the doors of a Fuzziwig's Candy Factory, CANDY HQTRS, or Sweets From Heaven store. Of course, the kids beam with anticipation and excitement.

What kid wouldn't beam...

...upon stepping into a brightly lit, colorful, musical place bursting with every kind of candy imaginable? But it's the looks on the adults' faces that leave a lasting impression – a kind of nostalgic, warm, wondrous smile as though they've just bumped into a long lost, but never forgotten, childhood friend...

Know what they're thinking?

They're thinking about the corner drugstore with rows upon rows of penny candies in glass jars. They're remembering how they collected discarded soda bottles for change so they could buy a candy bar. They're reminiscing about the piece of bubble gum they got at the barbershop after their haircut or about Mom's special "candy hiding place" in the kitchen. They're remembering being at a Saturday matinee, watching a movie and munching their favorite candy...

Candy casts its spell

Like magic, candy casts its happy spell equally on young and old. And it's the magic of candy that not only makes walking into our stores so much fun, but also what makes Fuzziwig's Candy Factory, CANDY HQTRS, or  Sweets From Heaven such a "sweet, fun franchise" to own.

Benefits of Franchising

Franchises offer a proven business model for new and experienced entrepreneurs to follow. This business model allows owners to shorten and even eliminate the trial and error process, plus you get training and marketing support from the franchisor. At Fuzziwig's Candy Factory, Inc., our goal is to work with you directly so that you can own and run a successful business. Click here to discover more about our franchising system and how to become a part of our family.