Got Bacon?


You heard right: thanks to the 2012 San Francisco Bacon Takedown, there are now bacon flavored Pixie Stix. Though not from the Pixie Stix Company, this new addition to the bacon trend is making headlines. This leads us to question: what other strange and unique items and foods have been inspired by bacon? Well, the Professor has created a list of such things just for you!


  1. Bacon-flavored Mints
  2. Bacon-flavored Toothpicks
  3. Bacon Jelly Beans
  4. Bacon Gumballs
  5. Gummy Bacon
  6. Bacon Watch
  7. Bacon Bandages
  8. Bacon Wallet
  9. Bacon-flavored Dental Floss
  10. Bacon Air Freshener
  11. Bacon-flavored coffee
  12. Bacon Candy Canes
  13. Chocolate Covered Bacon
  14. Bacon-flavored Candy Necklace
  15. Diet Coke with Bacon
  16. Bacon-flavored Lollipops
  17. Bacon-flavored Toothpaste
  18. Maple Bacon Syrup
  19. Bacon Lip Balm
  20. Baconnaise (Bacon Mayonnaise)
  21. Spam with Bacon
  22. Bacon Frosting
  23. Bacon Shake
  24. Bacon Salt
  25. Bacon Popcorn
  26. Jones Bacon Soda
  27. Bacon Sundae
  28. Bacon-flavored Envelopes
  29. Bacon-flavored Crackers
  30. Bacon Hot Sauce

The list goes on and on, and here’s the good news: Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory carries some of the edible items listed, like the chocolate covered bacon and the bacon jelly beans, just for our bacon fans. Let us know your thought on the bacon craze and what your favorite bacon-inspired product is below!