Chocolate Making

There are several basic ways that chocolate is made; here are just a few:


1. Dipping

      Dipping chocolates is usually a slower process done by hand. The name speaks for itself: you dip the interior directly in the chocolate. Because this process takes longer, it is usually not done by large scale producers.


2. Enrobing

      This method is seen most often in large scale producers. In enrobing, the centers are taken through a waterfall of chocolate by a conveyor belt until covered with chocolate.


3. Panning

      Panning is more complex as the chocolatier must pump the chocolate full of filling while rotating the chocolate. Cool air must be blown onto the rotating pan so that the chocolate can harden.


4. Shell Molding

      Shell molding is by far the most complex and hardest of candy sculpting techniques. The chocolate surrounding the interior is carved out to create a shape, known as subtractive sculpting. Because of the extra time and effort used with this method, these chocolates tend to be priced higher than normal.