Black Friday Sales

Thank you to everyone who participated in Small Business Saturday! Your support in all of your small, local businesses is greatly appreciated. There are no reports out for sales on Small Business Saturday, but thanks to you, Small Business Saturday was an amazing success for the community. We hope you’ll continue to Shop Small® throughout the year.

Thanks again for your help in making a big impact on small businesses in your community. Because of all the sales in large corporations, small businesses have a hard time competing. Thanks to Small Business Saturday, the local businesses can now share in the high shopping volume that comes with the season.

Black Friday was also a success. Though sales were down 1.8% in store, the foot traffic was up 3.5%, according to ShopperTrak. It seems as though sales in store decreased only to accommodate an increase of online shopping. Online shopping increased 27% on Thursday and 47% on Friday. To top it off, cyber sales reached $1 billion for the first time in history; that’s before Cyber Monday.

Furthermore, thanks to smart phones, people can now browse the stores, scan their items into wish lists, and share what they are browsing with their friends. Consumers seem to be browsing the stores in order to scope out items to purchase online later, and stores are slowly releasing new sales as the days continue to keep people coming back for more. Some of the items bought during Black Friday and Cyber Monday may not even make it to the Christmas tree; according to a survey by the NRF, 80% of consumers are also taking advantage of the sales to purchase “non-gifts” during the weekend.

All of this information and more can be found in TIME, USA Today, and Bloomberg News.